Friday, 16 November 2018


I know many of you will be shocked on reading this headline, but calm down, thankfully this me too is not that me too! 😜 .

If you are also a bit surprised  by the special comments of elders on your social media posts, then #metoo... if you are forced to stay in a family whatsapp group, which you just can't exit , then #metoo ... if your friends list on Facebook comprises of some forced friend requests, then #metoo.. even you have to think twice before posting something online coz people might judge you , then #metoo !! Are you even tagged in all posts, photographs and check ins , then #metoo!

Sometimes I think, a day will come when the elder members will conquer the entire social media.. The amount of time our parents spend on internet is far more than us.. they have their screens scrolling up n down almost the whole day.. they are updated with all the gossip and news !! They will send us all motivational forwards on whatsapp , the hindi gyaan and those fake videos, godddd... Someone please spare us from the horror!! The other day, my dad was asking me to help him about instagram and snapchat... i somehow managed to convince him that it's really silly, useless and a waste of time .. thankfully he is a bit conviced now but i am quite sure , il b getting a friend request from him on Insta pretty soon! Honestly, i am also quite active on social media and that's kinda my guilty pleasure too.. so now I understand how did it come in my genes!!

Talking about gadgets, the senior group doesn't want to feel left out there as well.. even if it's of not much use, they'll want to take the latest phones, fitbits , watches, airpods, go-pros and what not! I wonder if we were generation X, and our kids are gen Z, we will have to invent a new alphabet altogether for our parents now!! !

But if we think in a positive way, its really nice that our parents are able to cope up with this side of the world too.. Maybe they are trying to bridge the gap and come closer to our generation and the next one too.. honestly tell me, isn't it kinda interesting to read their comments in their peer groups!! I just love it, its so entertaining! 😂.. at least they're honest on this fake platform !!

And our kids, they are going to feel the same about us.. rather even worse . I am sure when they grow up, they will invent a technology such as an age barrier on their apps so that we don't intrude their privacy.. and who knows my girls will be writing about my social media faux pas someday!!

So all said and done, the social media and our elders are going to go hand in hand! No matter how annoying their acts on social media are , its cute at the same time! Anddd, they contribute to a major amount of likes and comments too! ;) .. so brace yourselves up and be ready to bear the shower of love and blessings from the generation COOL!!

P.s. after reading this, I am pretty sure going to get disowned from my folks , will be needing a place to stay by very soon !! Thanks in advance!