Saturday, 11 January 2020

You are Special!

What's so special about you?

The life that you live is it true,
Or you want to break it through!
The dreams and your desires
Let's the world around you conspire!
You need to run the race
How else will you show your face!
Everyone is moving so fast everywhere
And you in the crowd are standing nowhere!!

You want to do things but don't know what,
There must be something you're really good at!
Homecare and kids is not enough,
Socialising and sipping teas is not your stuff!
You wanna make a path of your own,
Maybe for that you'll have to chug all alone!
It's not that you want to run away from your duty,
What's the harm in balancing things, that's the beauty!
Find out what makes you happy and smile,
As honey and money wont travel all the mile!

Believe in yourself, why undermine?
Listen to your heart, stay determined!
The toughest thing in this world is being true,
Keeping your spirit high and walking through!
Proving things to no one, but only to you,
YOU know your worth and that's Freaking SPECIAL ABOUT YOU!!