Saturday 13 May 2023


Mothers, these strange creatures!! 

Have surely some unique features.. 

When something is cooking , they’re first ones to smell..

They’ll pamper you and the very next moment they yell.. 

They’ll  crib every morning to wake you up..

But just with that one cough n sneeze, the whole night they’ll be up!! 

The constant expression on the face is constipated,

The state of mind is mostly frustrated.. 

still they’re ready to reach for the stars for you .. 

They know they won’t get it , still would appreciate a simple thank you !! 

Luxury for moms is a peaceful Shower.. 

which is often disturbed by not able to find things in that drawer.. 

The word that kids can’t take is NO, 

But whenever we mums ask for something, your favourite reply is NO.. 

ME-time is something that they’ll hardly find..

Coz whatever they do, you’re always on their mind..

They would annoy you, lecture you , drive you crazy as such ..

But no one would ever love you as much!! 

Often it’s a Tom and Jerry Situation with both of you, 

You can’t do without each other, can you? 

No matter how tough , annoying, exhausting must be their day,,

One hug from their kids, makes the worries go away! 

So, give us all the eye-rolls, IDK and IDC drama.. 

One person whom you just can’t get away with is your MuMMA!!

P.S. - IDK - I don’t know , IDC - I don’t care 😅