Monday, 24 August 2020


Just because you are loud,
Doesn't mean you are bold..
As all that glitters is not gold!!

Just because you're too sweet,
Doesn't mean you actually care..
Coz when you were needed, you were never there!!

Just because you have happy pictures,
Doesn't mean life is so bright..
Coz Instagram has enough filters to make things look right!!

Just because you look beautiful..
No dark circles and oh the skin so perfect..
Don't be surprised, we have the best concealers in the market!!

Just because you get lavish gifts,
Doesn't mean you'll love them a lot..
Coz not with money, everything can be bought!!

Do you really want to show a real picture of yours?
The struggle is real.. people would not believe you for sure!!
There'll be times when you'll be judged for being just you..
Those stares, comments will make you think, is it worth, being true ?
Coz this world is full of fake deals,
Only a few would understand what it is to be real!!

We gotta live in this social media world..
And only tell stories that are easily sold!
Who cares if you are pure and clean at heart..
They always deal with people who are witty and smart!
But be genuine with the ones who love you with all their heart and soul..
Coz they'll be the ones that would stick around even if life takes a toll..

So buckle up ,smile and even if you pretend..
Just save yourselves from being questioned!!