Saturday, 5 January 2013


First things first,, a very happy new year!! I know i would probably be the last one to wish,,but its OK ,happens!! ;-)

So,,,what is/are your new year resolution?? I don't have any new year resolution,you see, you don't need that crap when you are perfect!! Jokes apart,  i have off lately stopped taking resolutions coz i was not able to live upto any of them.. mainly coz of two reasons 1. laziness 2. helplessness. See,the things which you should be doing and dont do coz of careless attitude or chalta hai types its laziness and the things which you want to do and cannot do due to certain unavoidable reasons,things on which you dont have any control,,thats helplessness..Not Getting up early in the morning,not  going for a walk or work out, not having a healthy diet, no control over your sweet tooth, no time to call up your loved ones, aaj - nai - kal - se- pakka for any work are all perfect examples of your laziness .. whereas there are so many things which you want to do like being independent, not just siting at home all the time and doing household chores, have some time for yourself, sit back and relax, go out to the place of your choice etc but,,, you cant do because of your small kid or other reasons (which don't need an explanation ;-) ) are all examples of your helplessness. ( P.S. writing the blog so late was entirely a form of laziness)

 People say you are responsible for your own life and it all depends on you, how you handle situations. But I wish things were so simple, I mean If I was totally in charge of my life, I would be the President of India, or a superstar , or a big fat politician minting loads of money!! I feel God is there to decide things for us and it depends on us  how we take them - positively or negatively.I agree When things dont go our way, we do feel bad or helpless, but there is a time for everything and we just have to be patient. Like if I talk about myself, I desperately want to restart my work but as of now i feel my daughter needs me more and when the right time will come, things would start shaping up and i just have to grab the right opportunity!! (hope it comes soon :-) )

So instead of making any resolutions and not following them yet again,  This upcoming year I plan to speak up more, listen and pay attention wisely. Embrace my haters, make friends with my enemies, and don't let any nonsense or drama take over me. I have learned that you can't avoid drama and some people will dislike you for no reason and if I let that bother me ,they'll always win. Be more patient, Cry n Crib less ,to rise above little things (like putting  on weight and hence eat chocolates everyday) and will think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the years'. !!

And now with my arms open,, I welcome the new year, full of things that have never been!! I at least resolve to try n be happy always as the most important thing is to enjoy your life - its all that matters!!