Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Maid bina chain kahan re... !!!

So finally , again time has come when i can relax,  use my laptop, surf the online shopping sites , and order for a cup of hot coffee.. :) .. Thanks to my new maid n chhotu, who are like a knight in shining armour!!

Life has become so dependent on the full time helps these days. They are actually in a way your support systems. Since the last two months, there was no full time helper with us and believe me, me and my Mother-in-law had gone beserk. Its about your habits you see, I mean half of the population in India, might not be even keeping a part -timer (thank god I am lucky enough) ,but I feel when you can afford it, why not? Plus life is not just meant for household chores and jhaadu-katka, you need time for yourself even!! And in today's lifestyle, more of physical activity doesnt support your body and health. If you talk about outside India even, they dont need a helper as the life style there is totally different. Imagine a week without cleaning and dusting in a city like Delhi, as compared to  cities abroad.  Its not that we are not capable physically to do household work but it all affects mentally. I'l tell you how, for eg. A day when there is no maid or helper. Scene 1. the maid doesnt turn up. 2. you got to do the work (physical pain) 3. your mood gets spoiled, you get irritated easily (mental pain)  4. Husband comes home and orders for things in his regular way,but you are tired and not in a mood to cook or clean the messed up home and eventually end up fighting. 5. Husband complaints of your bad mood becoming permanent .6. husband consoles you and asks you to order food from outside. (Now imagine, the entire thing happens for the next few days) 7. Either member of the family becomes sick, you go insane due to physical and mental stress, food expenses go up and so do the fights!! So in short, a maid is even more important and awaited for than your husband!! ;)

At  times when i look at the maids of smaller age groups, I feel are'nt we in a way exploiting them. I mean when they should be enjoying their childhood or going to school, what they are doing is washing utensils and clothes. But giving a second thought, they are not bound to do all this work.Plus there is so much poverty , do these people even get two meals a day, or shelter to sleep and proper clothes to wear? Atleast we are ensuring all this.If they want to study, they can do it side -by- side and  If not, ateast they wont beg on the streets. They are working hard and earning quite well. They are SELF- DEPENDENT!!

So, life in a Metro, without a Maid becomes very tough!! If you want to keep people around you happy, better keep your maid happy so that she happily does the work and help you remain healthy and happy everafter!!