Thursday, 10 November 2011


MOTHERHOOD- Its a roller coaster ride. A whirlwind. A rebirth. A rainbow. A bundle of promises, responsibilities and duties. A series of sleepless nights, sacrifices and XXL clothes. It makes women crib, complain, eat choclates and cry!!! But u ask any mum whether she would barter it for anything in the world and you will get one definitive answer - A big fat NO!!!!!

When i first got to know about my pregnancy, the feeling was kind of mixed. Wasn't sure whether i would be able to handle the responsibility or not. Believe me, it was a super tough journey. But when the doctor finally gave my daughter in my arms, the feeling was just outta this world. I had read and heard about it previously but believed only when i witnessed it myself !!!

So i thought there could be no better topic to start my first post on the blog other than my lil' angel in my life. She is now almost 6 months old and let me tell you, it isnt an easy task. Needless to say, almost all the mommies would agree with me. I read somewhere that mums sacrifice a lot but even in that they find pleasure. Though i would not agree to it completely because its a real tough job sacrificing continuous sleeps at night, not being able to go anywhere and everywhere,eating tons of food drenched in ghee, not enjoying looking at yourself in front of the mirror (atleast for the initial months) , depressing days, frustrating nights and what not!!! But all said and done, after all the maddening events when u receive that sweet smile, u tend to forget all the pains that you have undergone through.

But as they say, "picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!!!" , there is still a lonnng way to go... People say its easier in the beginning as compared to when the baby is 6 months plus.. and i am entering that stage now. So lets see how things shape up. I know it will be lot more challenging and demanding, not allowing me to move anywhere when she takes the first step to crawl or walk. When she'l start speaking and irritate me to the core by asking innumerable questions , or when she'd be v rude and tell me 'look at your waist size, so fat' and will disobey me , how much creative i will have to be so tell her stories so that she can sleep peacefully or the stupid excuses and threats to make her finish her food. Pheeww!! i am getting scared now. Hopefully things  should go smooth and i pray that i develop the patience which is required. No schools, courses or training sessions can teach me to comfort you, my baby, i guess what will work is what they call a mum's instinct!!

So i guess motherhood is indeed an incredibly life changing experience. It brings about inner awareness, joy responsibilities and worries and makes you unconditional. Hope you make me the BEST mom I can be!!

Oops,, Myra calling... See you guys soon in my next post!! Till then, miss me!! ;-)

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