Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Confessions of a shopaholic!!!

"Whoever said money cant buy happiness,, simply didn't know where to go shopping!!!"

So the shopping season is on and so am I.. I love shopping, there is a little bit of magic found in something new. It is like instant gratification, a quick fix!!  My husband is so fed up of my shopping habits that he has already given me the tag 'shopaholic' .. But i guess its not just me , but every girl in this world has this bug inside her.. its just that u need to discover it!! lol..

It is said that the quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her. Shopping gives me time to think.  ;-) . This week me n my friends went shopping and believe me we did it for 5 straight hours without any food or even a glass of water. Alas,, we could have done more but our babies got bored.. ( they are too young to understand it yet.. lol) . What i am trying to say that it keeps us so engrossed that we tend to forget all our tensions and pains.That is why it is rightly said that Shopping acts like a healing therapy for depressed people. Buying something on sale gives me a special feeling, in fact the less that i pay for something, the more it is close to my heart. And its not that i just binge on expensive brands , its the mediocre ones. of course i not a millionaire or something,, i am not even earning these days but yeah the feeling that u get when u buy something that you love is just awesome. I love street shopping too, it enhances your bargaining skills,, plus its cheap too,, if you get bored of something, you can get rid of it easily ;-) .

 Shopping in any form is the best pastime for any girl on this earth... except for grocery shopping,,, i feel that is the most irritating job in this world. But when u ask your mums about it, dunno y they are so very fond of it... I mean agreed its a necessity but whats so happening about it?? Especially when you can do with the weekly rounds. My mom would be so happy if i take her out everyday for buying fresh vegetables and even if she has stocked it at home, she would still want to buy that half a kilo extra subzi !!

As they say, when the purse is emptied, the heart is filled. (well, this is not in the case of husbands i think) . But yes in my case, it does pep up my mood. As compared to others, i am quite a moderate buyer, its not that i go shopping every day or week but yeah i am very fond of it and don't leave any chance when i get one. At times i find it strange that a pair of really nice shoes makes us feel good in the heads- at the extreme opposite end of our bodies!!

But the problem is we usually love what we buy, but hate two thirds of what hangs in our cupboards!!! I agree that over the top shopping leads to a lot of wastage. It should not become a habit.  I have seen people taking debts for shopping and showing off the brands which they cant even afford. You should really know when to press the stop button. As Warren Buffet rightly says on spending - "DO NOT BUY THINGS THAT YOU DON'T NEED OR YOU WILL HAVE TO SELL THINGS THAT YOU NEED!! "

On one hand i feel, shopping is dependable than your partner : You can do it alone, if you lose your heart to something that is wrong for you, you can return it. something you buy, may last well for years and of course if you are not satisfied after shopping, you may exchange for something you really like!! ;-)

So all my dear GURLZ,, what are you waiting for?? Get up and SHOP till you DROP!! 

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