Saturday, 4 August 2012

Har ek FRIEND zaroori hota hai!!

Friend- a person you know well and regard with affection. Well this was the dictionary meaning but for me, a friend is a person with whom you can open your heart out, who knows all your stories and has lived with them!! He / She can tell you things which you dont want to tell yourself!! Friendship is like wetting your pants, everyone can see it but only u can feel the warmth!!

We make many friends, Some become dearest, Some become special, Some we fall in love with, Some go abroad, Some change their cities, Some leave us, We leave some, Some are in contact, Some are not in contact, and some dont contact because of their ego. Wherever they are, However they are, We still remember, Love, Miss and care about them because of the part they have played in our lives!! Happy Friendship's day to all my friends!!

There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did , and who always will!! People say that good friends are hard to find.. you know why?? coz the "BEST" are already mine!! And so I dedicate this blog to all the special friends who have made my life all the more beautiful and worth living!!

Nidhi - my first friend..v r together since kindergarten and i doubt there must be hardly any thing which we must not have shared.. from silly stuff like sticking fevicol on a girls' hair to bunking classes for dance practice, from discussing our crushes in every class to biching about husbands now.. from sharing lunch boxes to sharing clothes..from non - veg stuff to serious problems,, v have done it all.. and I am sure whenever i need you, you'll be right there with your arms wide open!! I hope we will continue sharing the same bonding till death do us apart!!!

Dhara - We met for the first time in class 9th as neighbours, didnt know that we will actually stay so close to each others hearts also!! We have grown up together in our teens and i still remember what all stupid masti we used to do, our endless talks over the fones, minute to minute reporting, heartbreaks and patch ups!! Thank god we both have daughters, so that our talks are never gonna end!! Hope they turn out to be bestest buddies too!! so herez to the crap we used to talk, the guys we stalked, the way we shopped,laughs we couldnt stop,the gossips we used to spill, the looks dat could kill, hope we could stay together, coz we are best frenz forever!!! I just wanna say that  though miles lie between us,we are never far apart, for friendship doesnt count miles, it is measured by the heart!!

Pratik - We met in our MBA college and within a few days, we became best buddies!! Ours was not the very sweet kind of relationship as in we used to scold each other whenever wrong, never left any chance of leg-pulling and taunting!!Gosh we have so much fun memories like studying together, dancing at the college parties, discussing our family problems, and yeah me doing all projects and searching GFs for u!! (always i had to do the tough part.. LOL) People used to think all crap like something is going on between us n stuff but we never bothered!! He wasnt my boyfriend at any point, but i loved his hugs,his smile, his advice, his kindness,and the times we used to laugh,shed a tear together.. i guess i fell in love with our friendship!! But you should be lucky coz u will never find such a super friend who has both beauty and brains!! :P ..  And now you are again getting luckier as you are getting married soon!! Hope you dont torcher her as well.. wish you all the love n luck in life!!

Mukesh - We met in ICICI Bank Training Programme in Mumbai i.e the first days of our placement!! And till date we have met just 5 times in 6 years!! Ours is a very strange kind of friendship which people might not understand!! He was in Mumbai and me in Ahmedabad. Our only communication initially was the Messenger service of the bank and gradually it lead to texts and calls and to an awesome Friendship!! I guess if me and my advices werent there,you'd have never got married!! LOL.. All i can say is you r stupid,you are wierd, you are not perfect. but thats okay, i am like that too. We laugh at the randomest things. you know my ugliest side, even though we disagree sometimes, we hardly fight. When i am sad, you are always there to make sure i m ok. thanks for being there for me!! Be the same always!!

The Wifey's Club - Tanvi , Geetika, Neha , Monika - This is my current set of friends(in Delhi)!! As the name suggests, they all are my hubby's friends' wives!!Post marriage, it really becomes tough to make new friends especially in a new city, but thank god, i have been lucky in this matter!!  We have so much in common to share and talk like husband and in-laws' bitching, gossips, shopping and what not!! Our talks can never end for sure!! Though the association is not very old but quite strong for sure (touch wood) and i hope we continue doing the same!!! Waiting for new members to join the club!!

Nikhil - My friend, philosopher, Guide!! I know it may sound funny, but yes for me , you are my closest friend!! (though i know u dont treat me the same!! ;) ) I share all my stuff with you, trust you and confide in you!! You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.

So here I am with my arms wide open wishing all my friends again a very HAPPY FRIENDSHIP'S DAY!! Hope people whose names i have not mentioned here don't feel left out as you all know you guys are special too in your own ways!!

Koi saath rahe to kar de sab kuch alright, Koi effortless, koi forced hota hai...


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