Thursday, 6 September 2012

Most memorable Shopping Experience!!

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The other day i was teaching my child alphabets and I said S for Shopping!! Believe me it was absolutely impromptu!! But now i know why people call me a Shopaholic!! I can shop anything  anywhere anytime!! Initially I used to hunt in shopping malls and also roadside shops for satisfying my hunger and greed for clothes or accessories. But ever since online shopping has gained momentum, I leave no stone unturned!! ;) ..There is a plethora of products over the online shopping sites and all of them are so tempting!! Whenever you open your facebook or any other page, there are so many advertisements of online shopping sites that you just cant control and you tend to click on them!!

It was my Mother-in-law's birthday and we were so confused about the gift.We decided to gift her with a mobile phone. After looking at all the possible options in the market, we finally decided to hunt online. The best deal that we got was on for sony ericsson mobile. And the delivery was very quick too, within 3-4 days the phone got delivered and that too free shipping. She absolutely loved the surprise and the gift!! It was the most memorable moment of my online shopping till date!!

Online shopping is a boon in today's hectic life. It is so convenient in terms of 24 hours time, "n" number of options and great discounts throughout the year. I hope I can have all the more memorable times with online shopping and make myself as well as people around me happy!! 

As it is rightly said, "who ever said money cant buy happiness, didn't know where to shop!!!" Well i know it now, its!!! 

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