Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Maatr - Pitr Hriday Asti!!!

I was so confused about the topic of the blog this time and the phone rang.. It was mom!! (how does she always know when do i need her!!)  As they say, God cannot be everywhere so he created PARENTS.. This one's for you MOM & DAD!!

When I was a kid , I thought a Mother's only job is to take care of the house and a Father has to go to the office in the morning and come back at night. What's the big deal?? But now since i am a parent myself, I actually realize that bringing up a child is one of the toughest jobs in this world!! And we are four of us!! Hats off to you mom and dad!! Where could you get all this patience from!! ;)

MOM's love is Unconditional,Unintentional, Unexpected!! She is the incarnation of GOD. The moment a child is nborn, a mother is also born. She was a woman before but the mother never existed..Her love is simply matchless. No matter how much she scolds or pesters you, there is love behind it. She is the MOST beautiful woman on this earth!! I could always relate myself to that Pears soap advertisement - "jab main badi hungi,,MUMMY jaisi sundar hungi!! ". :) .  Coming from a typical Marwari background family, my Mother isn't that educated but she has taught me the lessons of living a good life. I can never forget the efforts which she has taken to convince other family members for my higher studies, the moments of strength when i was totally nervous or upset before or after exams, the everyday cooking classes or the saree draping sessions before marriage!! Thank you MOM for everything,not just giving birth, but for actually making me a human being. I may not have considered it important and never told you, but I am no one without you!!

DAD - A Friend, Motivator, Philosopher, Guide, Teacher, Hero , Role Model and what not!! A father is someone who hold you when you cry,scolds when you break the rules,shines with pride when you succeed and has faith in you even when you fail!! To be very honest, my dad wasnt very happy when I was born as he was expecting a boy after two girls. But as he lifted me in his arms, and saw the twinkle in my eyes, he just couldn't stop making me his favourite one!! ;) ..Papa always wanted us to be perfect in all aspects.Generally, a mother takes responsibilities related to education and other stuff, but in our case, it was always Dad. He has stood by me through all thick and thins. He has given us the basic lessons of life which is like the building on which you lay the foundation. No matter how old i become, no matter how far i move away with my husband,no matter how many children i have, no matter how many grandchildren i will have...daddy, i will still be ur little gurl!!

I guess in everyone's life, there must  have been a lot of rebellious teenage sessions, no-one-loves-needs-me , my-parents-do-not-understand-me , why-do- they-don't-mind-their-own-business type of feelings. But its just a phase and they all fade away. There is a time when we feel parents are always wrong, I agree at times they are but afterall we are also a part of them. Why would they want us to go through anything wrong or bad!!  I myself was the same during my college days but now as I have grown up,become a MOM,staying away from them, I do realize their importance in real terms. Actually I know how irritating MOM i would be when my daughter grows up, so unka thoda to chalta hai!! ;)

 At times Ifeel how would i ever payback their love, support and kindness. You feel so helpless as you are staying far away and cant be there when needed or whenever you feel like!! But then giving a second thought,this is what parents wanted as your life to be!! The most beautiful thing in this world is to see ur parents smiling and the second most is to know that you are the reason behind it!!

Okay,,, so enough of emotional stuff.. Mom-Dad pls wipe your tears now.. ;) .. I know you guys love me a lot. Please be the same always. And I'll continue being the same stupid, spoiled, pampered, emotional, naughty, pretty ,darling daughter!! LOVE YA LOADS!!!!


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