Tuesday, 22 July 2014

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BLACK is the color associated with so many things. Black is Power, Black is Fashion, Black is darkness, Black is magic, Black is mystery, Black is authority and solemnity, Black is fantasy, Black is elegance!!

Well, I should not deal with any more adjectives for  BLACK anymore. So here is a list of 5 black things which i wish for:

1. BLACK BELT - in today's world, where no girl is safe especially in the NCR region, this is one thing which i feel every girl should have. Self defense is a must!! People would blame a girl for wearing short clothes, for partying late and some ruthless ministers have even mentioned of a girl's consent while she was getting raped. A definitive answer to shut these people's mouth is Self defense. if we girls will be strong enough, no one would ever think of harming us physically or mentally!!
2. BLACK BIKE - Since hubby and me  both are fond of  bikes, I would surely want to possess a BLACK Harley Davidson VRSCDX Black Night Rod Bike. It is my fantasy to go on a roadtrip with my husband to Leh-Ladakh. Just imagine, beautiful road surrounded by nature, no people around till miles and just the two of us!! WOWWW,, just the thought of if makes me feel out of this world. So I would surely like to possess this swanky bike for my dream come true!!

3. BLACK MAGIC - Shhhh... don't let anyone know about it!! ;-) .. I would like to learn some Black Magic so that my loved ones always stay happy. Believe me, there would be no negative usage of this magic. It shall be used so that there is no hatred and jealousy. Just love and pure love to make this world a better place for you and for me!! :)

4. BLACK STILETTOS - No number of shoes/sandals/stilettos is enough for a girl!! I have this love of shoes since childhood but always have been  in the quest of the right pair of stilettos. I have a decent height of 5'7" and hardly wear heels. Believe me, I just don't know how to walk in heels. Since it is the fantasy of every girl to wear heels, I am no different. Buy me 100 pair of shoes, I may not be satisfied but just 1 pair of "perfect" black stilettos,, BINGO.. there you go!!!

5. BLACK INK/COLOUR - This is totally a hypothetical situation. If I have the authority some day, I would like to paint the faces permanently who are involved in misdeeds and crimes. It would be like a punishment once n for all.. It would be like sending them to 'sazaa-e-kaalapani", once punished, you shall never try anything again.

There are so many other BLACK things that i desire for.. but lets keep that for next time :)

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